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Constructed of 10 gauge steel, nearly twice as thick as required by FEMA for tornado resistance, our Protector Series door is the perfect solution for those who want their storm shelter to double as a safe room.  The 6 one-inch diameter solid-steel locking pins engage into the 10 gauge steel frame with a one-eighth turn of the single lever handle. Along with the four one-inch diameter welded hinges, this makes a total of ten points of attachment to the frame, Once closed, the door will stay securely locked until the user code is entered into the keypad.  From the inside, the occupant can open it, even if a storm has destroyed the keypad, by turning the three-spoke mechanical override wheel.  


Like our Defender series door, the Protector has been engineered and tested to meet or exceed the standards set forth by FEMA and the International Code Council for tornado shelter doors, as specified in FEMA 320, FEMA 361, and ICC-500.


We use Sargent and Greenleaf brand locks, and have two locking options:  

  • The Spartan lock is best for residential use when there are a limited number of people who will have access to the lock.

  • The Titan lock is best for commercial use when there are multiple users and the need for management oversight and control of keycodes.




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