Our names are Marty and Darlene Strough, and we are the owners of

ForceShield Tornado Doors, LLC.  We have been manufacturing and

installing the StormRoom™, an above-ground, indoor

storm shelter, for over nine years.  


During this time, we have talked to literally thousands of people about

storm shelters.  One common theme that we heard far too often was that people who already had a site-built safe room, typically concrete-block or solid concrete, believed their existing door to be unsafe in the event of a tornado.  


When delving further into the discussion, more often than not, their existing door was nothing more than a residential or commercial hollow-metal entry door.  These types of doors were never intended to withstand the forces of a tornado, and unquestionably would NOT offer adequate protection.


And so, ForceShield Tornado Doors was born out of a desire to offer a better, safer, easy-to-function alternative for use in existing site-built shelters and new construction of site-built shelters.  We manufacture the doors at our northwest Arkansas facility, Stormrooms of America.


Please take some time to browse through our website.  If you have any questions that are not answered by the website, please feel free to give us a call.


Thank you,


Marty and Darlene Strough